Woodland Stroll Through History Tour

posted 10/6/19 Davis, CA

Saturday I took two bike tours in Woodland on the City’s Stroll Through History event.  The city has a remarkable diversity of building styles from Victorian to mid-century modern.  I won’t include any history here but only say that we rode through some gorgeous small town neighborhoods and I’ll show some of the pictures I took.  The second ride was a tour of the trees of Woodland which was equally remarkable.  More about that another day.

First house is the famous Gable Mansion, built by two brothers in 1880s, doesn’t say if they and their families both lived there.  I was in the house once in the late seventies.  A friend of a friend was caretaking the house with his girlfriend and we played poker up in the room at the very top.  I can’t remember if that was the third or the fourth floor.  It was interesting.

The next is the first private hospital in Woodland.  Obviously living space today.

This next was the tour’s poster home for 2019.  The style of this house is Tudor Revival.  It is located in the Beamer Park area.  Built in 1934 by a noted Woodland developer, Joseph Motroni.

This is a home that was not featured on the tour but is a good example of craftsman bungalow.

This next house was not on the tour either but was pointed out by our guide on the bike tour as a style meant to mimic the first Californa government buildings in Monterey.

I’ll have some trees and more houses next time.