Windy but Nice

February 16, 2020, Paia, Maui County, HI

Late start today, sleep in, no big plans.  Still had no plans for the day as we each headed out for some exercise. Lynn walks, I biked into Kahului for the Sunday papers.  Here’s a picture of the Kahului VOR.  The route to town passes around one end of the airport runway.  The VOR sends a beacon out 360 degrees around itself.  Planes have a receiver that can follow a radial from the VOR inbound or outbound.  Not sure, in the age of GPS, how much they are still used.  For older general aviation planes probably.

Further along the route the tower is visible.  At this point along the way it is starting to sprinkle lightly and I am having some trouble with my camera.  I wanted to zoom in on the tower picture but when I touch the zoom button the camera shuts down.  Darn, what could be the problem?

I turned away from the tower towards the bike and took a picture of the bike as sort of a reliability check.  Also, the image in the view finder is fuzzy.  Ye gods, this is a Sony camera not even six months old.  This is not supposed to happen.

I was biking along, on the edge of town, trying to find my way to Safeway for the papers, and by the tree there were two geese.  I think they’re Nene or the Hawaiian goose, the state bird of Hawaii.  I had never seen them in the wild before.  I did not want to walk closer and spook them and the zoom on the camera is not working and the view through the view finder was fuzzy/blurry but I took the picture.  You’ll have to take my word for it, there are two Nene geese to the right of the tree.

The wind by now is strong, probably, as predicted, over 20 MPH but Lynn wanted to go to the beach.  Go or stay in, it didn’t matter to me.  She wanted beach it though, so we went.  At about 4 PM, off to our right clouds were starting to build and a rainbow developed.  The wind is blowing from our right, moving the clouds towards us.  Looks nice still but it’s starting to rain on us.

To stay or go home?  And it’s really windy.  Lynn says go, so I listen.  She’s meteorologically tuned in here in the islands.  This is what it looks like as we leave the beach at 4,

We stayed out of the rain, played gin rummy and had dinner.  That was our day.