Whale Watching

February 19, 2020, Paia, Maui County, HI

It is so windy today riding a bicycle is questionable.  The winds are supposed to pick up this afternoon too.  I rode into town anyway, headwind towards Paia, tailwind home.  Beach is not a good choice today.  No matter how much I stubbornly dispute the fact that it’s just too windy, it is.

Lynn wanted to watch the democratic debate, which is early afternoon here, so we drove to the outlook point on the highway to Lahaina to see what we could see.  This year we are not taking a whale watch cruise.  We were there thirty to forty minutes and saw several whales.  It was nice but so windy that the whole time we were out of the car I was afraid my glasses were going to blow away.  Really windy.

Ran some errands and came home and made a shrimp scampi with orzo from a recipe in the NYT.  Not bad, we’d do it again.

That’s our day, windy so picture taking was limited.

Lynn got a picture of our friends the java sparrows, she did a much better job than I did,

There was a Geodetic Survey marker at the outlook parking lot.  I am not sure of the significance of this but I always enjoy finding them,

Lynn is waiting in the car in the Safeway parking lot watching the planes on final approach to the Kahului airport, OGG,

And, finally, at least one picture of the ubiquitous Hawaiian chickens, this is a nice looking rooster,

Tomorrow’s our last day, darn