Whale Watching Cruise

Lahaina, Maui

February 22, 2022

We drove to Lahaina this morning for an 11:30 cruise to look at the whales in the Lahaina Roads or the ‘Au’Au channel off Lahaina.  First stop on the way was for Dramamine for me.  Fortunately, the drug worked and no seasickness as a result of the rolling boat and diesel exhaust.  We had to skirt around work that was going on in the harbor to get to the boat:

We took our seats and we’re on our way:

And, shortly, there are the whales:

And looking back toward Lahaina:

I should add that the water looks calm but there was about a one to two foot swell that kept me holding on to a rail continuously.  In fact, half the time I had five points of contact with the boat.  Seated, feet on the deck, two hands on the rail.

Back in town we walked around a bit:

The Banyan tree at the harbor:

Not sure what this guy did with the birds but there he was:

And, of course, Mick Fleetwood’s restaurant.  He has also, recently, opened a boutique of some kind in Paia.  We haven’t gone there yet but it’s on Lynn’s list.

Great day.