We Try to Whale Watch

Bodega Bay, February 15, 2021

Lynn and I went to Bodega Head on a Monday thinking it won’t be too crowded because it’s Monday.  The idea was that we would sit with our binoculars and hope to see gray whales on their migration north.  We’re told that they are usually close to shore with their calves trying to avoid predators.  Well, it wasn’t too crowded because it was freezing cold and the wind was howling.  Not too comfortable.  It wouldn’t have been so bad but we weren’t dressed for the cold.  So our visit was brief.  Here we are looking south from our perch on the rocks,

Cold and gray and windy,

More cold, gray, and windy,

And more,

Even the birds were in the lee of the wind,

Taking off into the wind,

Enough already,

So we went into Occidental and had coffee,

Much warmer, still it was a fun day,