Virginia’s Memorial

San Luis Obispo, CA

March 17, 2022

Today was a travel day.  We are headed to the Robinson’s in Morro Bay.  They have graciously allowed us to stay with them while we are here to attend a memorial for Virginia Shubert.  More about that later.  We left Davis about nine and made our first stop at the Casa de Fruta.  It’s sort of a little less refined version of what the Nut Tree used to be.  It’s on highway 156 about two and a half hours from Davis.

Succulents for sale along with restaurant, gift shop, merry go round, and little train just like the Nut Tree had.

We packed our own lunch so we ate in the parking lot while this gentleman watched us and waved.

Next stop Paso Robles about two hours later.  The drive from Davis to Morro Bay is about five and a half hours if you don’t stop for too long anywhere.

If you’re going to stop why not make it a Starbucks?  Lynn has an app on her phone that vectors us right in.

Almost to Morro Bay.  We are just north of Cayucos, about six miles from the town of Morro Bay.  There is Morro Rock in the distance.

Here we are on the Robinson’s front porch in Morro Bay.  With the lunch stop it took us six and a half hours.  We are looking down the street and at the Pacific Ocean.  We’re here.

It was a great day cruisin’ down the freeway.