Ulupalakua, Maui

February 2, 2023

Today we drove out to Ulupalakua.  We went around Haleakala counter clockwise and through Kula to get there.  What is there there is a winery and small store which also has a grill.  At the grill you can get elk or venison or lamb or beef burgers.  So we all had elk burgers and then went to the winery.  I bought a bottle of sparkling pineapple wine.  We haven’t opened it yet.  Here we are with our purchases.  Mark bought a bottle of uncarbonated pineapple wine.

I think this is torch ginger:

Came back and went to the beach at Sugar Cove, so did someone else:

Also people fishing:

Another great day and I will get in more food pictures, I promise.