A Trip to the Other Side of the Island

February 12, 2020, Paia, Maui County, HI

Our goal today was to drive to the Napili Kaanapali side of the island to check out condos that we might rent if we brought the whole family over someday.  This area is past Lahaina, about 25 miles from Paia.  On the street in our neighborhood, as we started out, we encountered another traveler, probably going to Mana Foods to see what produce they had put in the dumpster,

Very contented.

A new bypass road has been built that allows traffic to miss all the lights at Lahaina and whisks you right to Kaanapali,

The astute will notice that the ocean is on the wrong side, and you’re right, we took this picture on the way home.

The condos are nice but the area is crowded and the surf at the beach is too big for little kids.  And, the pool is small and was crowded early in the day.  Here’s one of the condo towers,

Lots of people on the beach and walkway although this picture doesn’t show it too well,

And there’s a Hawaiian counterpart to the Davis Co-op’s carrot,

All things considered we weren’t too impressed.  Once you’re out there on that end of the island the places we like to visit are all a long drive, not so much distance but the drives are long because of the traffic.

Whale watch cruises leave from the beach,

We will keep on looking.  So we drove home, got supplies for dinner and headed to the beach.  Unfortunately, we got rained off the beach at about 4:30.  Oh well, another nice sunset,

And that’s the day for us.