Try to take more pictures

I started out this morning with it firmly in my mind that I will take more pictures.  Of course, I took one, my first stop, and then forgot for the rest of the morning.  Old habits, no, forming new habits takes time.  So, here was my first stop.  I wanted to get some coffee table books to inspire for next year’s travel.

Got a book on National Parks, one on the Sierra Nevada, and a world travel atlas.  Can’t wait to open them up.

Since I blew the assignment for the rest of the day I will put up some random pictures to give the day’s entry some volume.

Here is  photo of Stinson Beach taken from West Ridgecrest Road near Mt. Tamalpais State Park.

Here’s another of Stinson Beach.

And here’s the Bolinas Lagoon.

Just to show I was really there.  I did a ride I called the Alpine Dam Loop.

The weather has turned cold, it seems like overnight, but it has taken a few days.  I am already ready to pack for Paia.  This is the apartment above the garage where we stay.

That’s it for today.  Tomorrow will be a day in the office but I need to go on a forced photography march.  I will do it and see how it turns out.  Tonight I start Italian one.  This is a language class, first year Italian.  Maybe I can talk to the instructor about private tutoring.  The problem with taking Italian is that there is no one to practice with, unlike Spanish.  We’ll see.