To the Plantation

February 18, 2020, Paia, Maui County, HI

It was windy and wet this morning so we didn’t get outside too early.  Things cleared up eventually and a walk and a bike ride were in order.  I am reduced to taking pictures with my phone and I am getting used to the quicker accessibility.  The bigger camera requires getting off the bike and retrieving it from its bag.  So I’m thinking I can get shots of all the birds I see because you gotta be quick.  There are many beautiful species here and one I see regularly is the red crested cardinal.  There’s one in this tree but he kept hopping around.  Can you find it?  I can’t either,

If you could see the darned thing this it what you would see,

Pretty bird.

After lunch we went back to the Mill for gifts.  I sat in a chair watching the world go by.

As my gaze drifted lower I noticed I was being watched as well,

By more than one set of eyes,

After all this we picked up some poke and fresh vegetables and headed home for dinner.

Another wonderful day, thank you