The Wailea Makena Promenade

February 14, 2020, Paia, Maui County, HI

We decided to take a Valentine’s Day walk together on the beach promenade that fronts all the condos and resort hotels from Wailea to Makena.  Its a nice rolling concrete pathway that also passes three public beach access points.  Also nice because there are restrooms and the resort towel stands have ice water dispensers.  Not a hike but a civilized stroll.

We started here, at a public parking area,

Down to the beach and about of a quarter mile of sand before you get to the promenade,

The paved promenade is about two miles or so.  At the end of the promenade we kept walking on the road through some of the 20+ million dollar homes along the waterfront in Makena.  This is looking back over the beaches at the beginning of the promenade,

Some other sights on the water off the walkway.  I am not sure whether this was a tourist excursion or a training paddle but the guy in the front was barking orders,

And a boat full of snorkelers,

On the return trip this boat was still there and there must have been a hundred people in the water around it on pool noodles floating face down snorkeling.

This was still near the beginning of the walk and, unbeknownst to me, the camera battery was about to go dead.  I learned something about charging it, oh well.

Interesting, at the very end of the walk past the Makena homes we came across  an open house event put on by the realty company selling the house.  Lynn didn’t want to go in because we were kind of sweaty but after a short discussion we did.  We were the only ones there so the realtor was glad to have someone to talk to.  He admitted that the house was dated and would be considered a tear down at 11.6 million.  “You’re buying the lot”, he said.  Yikes.  We toured the house and it was kind of odd and dated and there were other houses between it and the water.  Unbelievable real estate prices.  We thanked him for his time and left.

Back to Baby Beach for beach time and a Valentine’s Day dinner at the Haliimaile General Store.

That’s what happened today.