The Plantation at Wailuku

Wailuku, Maui

February 23, 2022

Alas, the end of the trip is near and that means picking out giftees to distribute when we get home.  The first foray was made today to this venue:

We visited here two years ago when it first opened.  They have exceptional gardens and a farm as well as a store:

A bench made from some retired machinery:

Inside the store:

We stopped at the bar for coffee, really:

That gear, suspended on its pedestal, I’d estimate to weigh one thousand pounds:

Miscellaneous hand tool display:

Tool art:

While Lynn shopped I took a seat and watched the geckos:

From earlier in the day.  I am still trying to photograph birds.  The large bird is, I think, a spotted dove and the two smaller are mynas:

Terrible picture of a house finch:

I found these beneath a tree that I saw a Northern Cardinal fly into.  It’s like the dried skin of a squash, it’s lying on the leaves, not growing up from them:

Another piece:

I got excited when I thought I found a bird nest:

What a great day.