The Blowhole

Northwest Maui

February 3, 2023

We decided to drive beyond Kapalua to see the blowhole.  The blowhole is a lava tube that catches the ocean swells that are then forced out of a opening on the lava shoreline.  There are numerous trails down to the site and many visitors.  Here is a sign at the beginning of the most used trail:

The sign reminds you that this is not a water park, it’s a natural phenomenon that displays forces that demand your respect and attention.  This is as close as we cared to go:

The spout can get as high as 100 feet depending on the size of the swells according to what I read:

It’s loud too:

Pretty exciting stuff for me:

We saw pieces of broken car window glass where we parked.  You do not want to leave anything in your car when you park in any remote spot.  Tourist beware.

What a great day.