Whaler’s Village

Lahaina, Maui

February 1, 2023

We went to Whaler’s Village which is a collection of stores at Kaanapali.  We didn’t get many pictures.  We did stop at the Hula Grill for lunch.  The Hula Grill makes a famous dessert called the Hula Pie and I am sorry we did not get any pictures of it.  At least no one sent me any pictures.  It is an impressive dish.  Correction, I did get some pictures:

And soon it’s all gone:

At home after the Hula Pie:

It was a great day.

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Lunch at Mama’s Fish House

January 31, 2023

Paia, Maui

I tried to get reservations through Open Table for lunch or dinner at Mama’s Fish House.  Nothing until April or May so I got on their alert list so I would get notification if a table opened up.  For all of the days of our stay.  Me and thousands of other people.  I did get a couple of alerts but when I responded I was always too late, table already taken.

So on the 30th we’re driving by Mama’s and Lynn wants to stop and see if she can make a reservation in person.  Why not?  She’s out in five minutes and says we have reservations for lunch tomorrow at 1:45.  So there you go and here we are dressed up, except for me, and ready for lunch:

Mama’s road sign and some happy diners:

Everyone dressed up except for me:

We really go the best table in the house:

The entrance:

We had a great lunch and another great day.

By |February 3rd, 2023|

Another Day on Maui

January 31, 2023

Sprecklesville, Maui

Here are some pictures of the local flora and fauna.  Will these bananas? plantains? be at the local farmer’s market someday?

Not only is it 80 degrees but there in beauty everywhere you look:

We thinks this is dragonfruit:

More dragonfruit?


No idea, someone help me:

More dragonfruit?

The northern cardinal:

A day at the races, this is the winner:

The red crested cardinal:

A panorama of Sugar Cove:

All the bedrooms are on the second floor:

That’s if for today.  What a great one.

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Arrive Maui January 29, 2023

Sprecklesville, Maui at Sugar Cove

Boarding in Sacramento for a 7am departure.  The trip begins:

Arrived OGG, Kahului at about 10:30am.  We can’t check in to the condo until 3pm so we’ll get some supplies we think we’ll need.  Here we are at Costco:

After we visited Costco and Safeway time to find a place to have lunch.  We didn’t want to stop at a restaurant with a car full of luggage and groceries so we ate in a parking lot at a shopping center:

After lunch:

The car while we lunched:

Fortunately everything, luggage and supplies, fit in the van:

Sunset on our first night on the deck:

What a great day.

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Haagen Daz Bee Garden

Davis, CA

last summer

I am  tired of the cold weather so I dug out some pictures of a Sunday excursion last summer.  We went to the Haagen-Dazs bee garden.  Let’s remember what it was like. We drove there with the top down:


There must have been a donation from Haagen-Dazs

If you were too young to read you’d recognize this guy:

A totem?

Another angle.  What a beautiful day:

The bee’s workshop:

We have to use our faculties to know where we are and what we’re seeing, just like the bees:

As Tony LaRussa once said about the baseball diamond, “There’s a lot go’in on out there.”:

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Trip to the Old Gordon Cemetery

April 19, 2022

Madison, CA

We were able to make connections through the Cache Creek Conservancy with Jim B. who contacted the owner of the property where the old Gordon Cemetery is located and got permission to visit.  Not only did we visit the cemetery but we were shown the old dam site where the first irrigation network was set up on Cache Creek.  That’s another post.

The picture below is the monument set in place in 1948.  The cemetery has been preserved by the slab of concrete and pipe fence you can see in the background.  All the remaining headstones are lying on the concrete.  According to the landowner the county archives, which are accessible, had a map to the property and people would drive out and visit without permission.  He told us that that’s no longer happening because the map has been put away.


This is the plaque at the base of the monument.  The rectangular space that you see above on the monument is inscribed and very difficult to read.  The landowner said that other visitors had brought paper and pencil and had shaded over the inscription.  I tried to read it but the sunlight made it almost impossible to see.  There’s a lot on there.

Here are some of the headstones.

The story, as I understand, is that three trappers came to this part of Yolo County.  Their names were Wolfskill, Gordon, and Knight.  Wolfskill went down to Putah Creek, Gordon stayed here on Cache Creek, and Knight went to the area north of Woodland.  Gordon brought his family west in 1841.  They were given a land grant of about 6,000 acres on Cache Creed by the then Mexican governor of the area.  Gordon farmed the area for a number of years then moved to Lake County where he died in 1876.  The place on Cache Creek was called Rancho Quesesosi.

Lots more history here.  William Wolfskill was also given a grant and his brother John Wolfskill planted vines and trees along both sides Putah Creek.  John is recognized as the father of the horticultural industry in northern California.

I have always wondered where the name Putah came from.  According to the book I have the word is the Spanish approximation of the name of the Patwin tribe that lived in the area.

What a great day.


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Bodega Bay

April 2, 2022

Bodega Bay, CA

Went to Bodega Bay this morning to look at birds and boats. I parked myself on a picnic bench above Campbell Cove and looking out at the entrance to Bodega harbor.

I saw Heermans and Western (?) gulls, Pelagic Cormorant, Buffleheads, Harbor Seals, Lincoln’s Sparrow, Snowy Egret. I heard Spotted Towhee but did not see them.  It was a delightful morning.

Also, the boats, coming and going.

Nothing commercial, just people going fishing or sailing.

Some went fast, some went slow.

I missed a large sailboat with quite a few people on it that went out the mouth of the harbor and turned left towards Doran Beach and parked itself.  Party on the water?

I moved over to the regional park just south of the town of Bodega Bay and walked on the trail there with several stops to sit on the benches and watch. Saw a Canada Goose here.

What a great day and I need a spotting scope.

By |April 3rd, 2022|

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