Trying to find the best picture size

I am going to post some photos to try and get them to display the way I would like.  So here goes…

This is the sink in the garden at the river.  I have been working on a mosaic to cover the front of the sink.  I had someone else make the tiles for the mosaic.  The project then is to come up with a good way to mount the tiles on the sink front.

What I decided to do was glue the tiles to a piece of tile backer board first and then grout them.  Then the backer board, which was cut to the same dimensions of the sink front could be glued to the sink.  The finished product was heavy so I had to mortise a bottom mount that the mosaic could rest in while the glue dried.  Here’s what the finished project looks like.

I am happy with it.  It looks much nicer than it did before.  I grouted the gap between the top of the board and the sink so water will run off.

Here’s another project.  These are for a game played with bean bags.

These three photos were taken with an i phone.  I purchased a camera so I can get better quality pictures, I hope.

This is a photo taken yesterday with the camera.  Turkeys in the backyard.  They also got into the side yard with the fig tree.  They knocked a vase off a shelf, which broke, and left scat everywhere as well as going after the figs.

That’s it for now.