Sunday Bike Ride to Kahului

Paia, Maui

February 13, 2022

After the visitor on the lanai on Saturday night I thought Lynn might be ready to catch a plane for home but no, we’re staying right where we are.  She did come up with an alarm system though that’s simple and elegant.  She stacked the wooden chairs from the lanai at the top of the stairs.  You cannot get by without moving them and they are heavy.  It would be very difficult to move them quietly.  So there.

I biked into Safeway in Kahului to get the Sunday papers.  The Hana Highway has fast moving traffic, 45-55 mph, but wide bike lanes on the shoulders of the road so no problem.  After the stop I decided to ride down through town to catch the bike path that goes around the airport. No bike lanes to be found:

Not so easy as there are very few bike lanes on any of the streets.  Oh well, you pick your way along and you get where you’re going eventually.  Later I went the other direction on the Hana Highway into Paia to Mana Foods.  This is the view from the place I am able to lock the bike.  There are hardly any bike racks anywhere either.  Here I have chained the bike to this iron railing:

The view down Baldwin Ave toward Hana Highway from the front of Mana Foods.  No bike lanes there:

Passing by the Baldwin Beach lifeguard station on the way home from Mana Foods in Paia:

Now, down to Baby Beach for the afternoon:

Great day.