Trip to the Sugar Museum

Puunene, Maui

February 10, 2023

Today was our day to visit the Sugar Museum.  So off we go and here we are:

Lots of old photos of work on the efforts to get water from the wet areas of the island to the cane fields:

Placard from the Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company:

A picture of the old mill.  If I have my dates correct operations, this, the last operating mill on the island, stopped work in 2016.  The old cane fields are now given over to diversified farming:

A model of the mill:

Not a pizza oven.  I am sorry to say I did not read the placard nor did I take this picture.  This must be a part of very early efforts to get the sugar from the cane:

The plaque says it all:

The first workers brought to the island were from Japan.  This was created by them:

The back of a tractor.  Your view if you are a load of cane being hauled from the field to the mill: