Spa Day

Monday, February 17, 2020, Paia, Maui County, HI

We have spa reservations today at Hoomana.  It’s upcountry, as they say here, meaning somewhere on the windward side of Haleakala.  Hoomana is between Makawao and Olinda, about a 45 minute drive.  I went on a short bike ride before we left and tried to get some bird pictures with my phone.  I think these are Java Sparrows,

There are five of them on the grass.  This is what they look, if you could see them,

Here we are at the spa,

More spa pictures.  They very much practice traditional Hawaiian rituals.  Peaceful and serene,

After returning from the spa it was lunch and off to the beach.  We shared the sand with one turtle today,

We left the beach about 4.  It started rainiing but another great day.

And that’s the way we rolled.