Short bike loop on Old Davis Road

March 28, 2020, Davis, CA

The rain was light and the day was young and I decided to get out on the road, bikewise.  How wet could I get?  Once the water starts running off I can’t get any wetter so what the heck.  It will be good to get out of the house.  Lynn is on a long walk, I think she ended up walking over seven miles today, and I don’t want to hang out here by myself.  Too hard to stay out of the refrigerator.

So off we go…poppies along the road, not many but beautiful,

In the same little patch of flower there were also some lupines,

and some vetch,

Further along a barn that I filled with hay when the place was a still a functioning dairy.  That would probably have been in the early 80’s,

Along the road on the same ranch this old Cat appears to be being slowly cannibalized for parts.  I’ve always been fascinated by crawler tractors.  Every time I ride by here I think I should buy it and restore it but I have no shop to do the work in.  I still think it would be fun though.  But expensive,

A Chicago Aermotor.  Had one of these (non-working) on the dairy in Two Rock where I grew up,

Nice looking field of alfalfa.  I don’t want to know how they keep it so weed free.  I hope it won’t be fed on a dairy that claims to be organic.  I’ll have to ask a dairyman I know how they feed their cows when the can’t get out on the grass.  Is the hay certified organic?  I don’t know.

Riding through the UC Davis campus on the way home,

The sign says I can go here,

And the ducks were out,

A nice day, glad I overcame the inertia and got out.