Searching for a New Coffee Stop

October 14, Davis, CA

My morning bike ride, before covid, included a trip to the Davis Co-op for something for dinner and a coffee enjoyed at one of the Co-op’s outdoor tables.  Always interesting at the Co-op.  It wasn’t long into the need for social distancing and eliminating potentially crowded areas that the Co-op removed all its outdoor tables and chairs though.  So, for six months its been ride to the Co-op for something for dinner and then ride home.

In the last month it finally dawned on me that, you know, there are lots of places in Davis that serve coffee.  I will add here that what made the Co-op so attractive was that it wasn’t crowded at the outdoor seating area.  I liked that.  To find an uncrowded place ruled out Starbucks, Peets, Mischka’s, and other typically busy spots.

I tried a couple of smaller places and landed on Village Bakery,


The location, next to the train station, is great and crowds?  This is how it usually looks,

They do a good business selling baked goods and pizza but not too many people come in for coffee.  So it looks like I am set for now.  Coffee here and then to the Co-op.

Nice place.