Recycle, Birding, Lynn takes a walk on the Beach

Paia, Maui

February 21,2022

We took our recyclable waste to the drop-off location down the Hana Highway.  It’s a little past Haiku so we drove by Hookipa on the way.  I am not sure if it was because it was a holiday yesterday or the surf was exceptionally good or both but the place was very active.

It was hard to find a place to park so we were way down at the edge of the action but still:

On the way home Lynn showed me where she has seen a northern cardinal.  While she took her walk I decided to bike back to the spot and see if I could get some pictures.  It was fun but I didn’t get any good photos and I didn’t see any northern cardinals.  I did see two red crested cardinals and, I think, a house finch.  But, by the time I got my camera ready they were gone.  This is the house finch:

That’s it on the curb.  My idea was to get lots of good bird pictures.  That will be a work in progress, it appears.

Lynn, on the other hand, got great pictures of Baldwin Beach on her walk.

Here’s some body surfers, Baldwin is popular for body surfing:

On our first trip here I tried this too.  A wave like this one flipped me upside down and drilled me head first into the sand.  My first and last attempt.

The private golf course as you get near our bungalow:

And, lastly, some future surfers in the water at Hookipa:

Great day.