Random stuff and danger on the bike path

posted October 2, 2019, Davis, CA

On my morning ride it was garbage pick up day in the route I was on.  Playing leapfrog with the garbage trucks (and Unitrans buses) is something one encounters from time to time.  The garbage trucks are easier because they are working their way down the street slowly.  The drivers are mostly attentive but exercise caution because you just never know.  Best is to pass quick when they stop to pick up a row of cans.  The drivers have a route to complete and they are concentrating on their work and they usually hug the right side of the road.  Here’s one now…

This next one had me sawed off in a parking lot and he was not looking, up to me to avoid him.

Leapfrogging the buses is an entirely different matter.  They stop briefly and then get back into traffic to get to the next bus stop, which is every couple blocks or so.  That can be much more difficult because they’re bigger and covering distance at about the same rate as a cyclist.  Best to speed up for five or six blocks or slow down and let them get way ahead.  Or change streets.  We used to have a saying, “danger lurks where a hay buck works”.  It’s about the same mixing it up with the buses.

I’ll throw in a couple of scenery shots to make it look like I’m doing lots of stuff.  This is from a stair walk in the City by the Bay.  Not Coos Bay.

And here’s one from the deck of the apartment above the garage in Paia.  Looking towards Kahului.

The weather is nice in town today, the north wind quit blowing and it is a nice warm fall day.  This time of year we have that fall sunlight when the sun isn’t directly overhead but lower to the southern horizon.  Really pleasant.

That’s it for today.