Pukulani Farmer’s Market

Pukulani, Maui

February 4, 2023

We went to the Saturday Farmer’ Market today.  Unfortunately, we did not get there until 11 which is when they close.  We were able to get some vegetables and some empanadas however.

We got a variety pack of seven of the Maui Empanadas:

We took those with us to Haiku to get fish tacos for lunch at the taco truck that is parked in Haiku.  We got to Haiku at about 12:15 and the taco truck was closed?  Fortunately we had our empanadas and the falafel truck parked next to the taco truck was open.  So some opted for baba ganoush and falafel and some for empanadas.  Presently, the owner of the taco truck arrived and began her opening up routine.  This took some time.  Lynn went to the window at one point and waited 3 or 4 minutes to ask what her hours were.  The owner said 11 to 7 seven days a week.  Except for the day we were there evidently.

By the way, the empanadas were very good.

Oh well, we took our vegetables home and got some fresh fish at Safeway and made a red and a white chowder:

What we do at home after a hard day:

Sadly, when we got back home I found that I had lost the key to the condo.  More about that tomorrow.

With all that, it was still a great day.