Our Day to Whale Watch

Lahaina, Maui

February 6, 2023

We have an 11:30 cruise scheduled so we left for Lahaina at about 9.  First stop after we parked was for me to get myself a hat.  So we stopped at the ABC Store:

This is my partner as we head out to the channel:

There is a spout:

We followed a mother and calf and a single male for 30 minutes or so.  Our guide speculated that she was sleeping and the baby was swimming around or resting on her head and the male was trying to get her attention:

A lot of activity at the surface:

This was a research vessel that our guide said was trying to tag one or more of the whales:

Finally a deep dive and they’re outa here:

We had to come to a stop on the way home to let this turtle pass in front of us:

Our captain, on the right, having a drink with the harbormaster:

We saw a couple of breaching whales but no one caught a picture.  Next year.

What a great day.