September 27, 2019, on the learn curve for posting

First post so I will use some old pictures.  These are our bike trip in Quebec City.

Here is a statue of Joan of Arc in the Parc Jeanne-D’Arc next to the Parc des Champs-de-Bataille or the Plains of Abraham.

This is the view from our room in the Hotel 71.  750 miles into the distance is the Atlantic Ocean.

This is hard to see because I am saving my pictures too small.  I will do better.  What is hard to see here is that the mural starts at the top as winter in Quebec and progresses downwards through the seasons.  Sprinkled through the mural are notable figures and events from Quebec’s history, including two young kids playing hockey.

I just tried to edit the size of the above picture and it has lost a little focus.

This is a shot of our walk to the bicycle shop to pick up our guide and bikes for the day’s tour.

Well, that’s it for this morning.  I know I need to save my pictures differently than I have.  I will work on that and put up a few more from Quebec.