More Quebec bike tour

I’ll show some more pictures of our bike tour in Quebec City.  This is a booth in the year round indoor farmer’s market in the city.  We spent an afternoon there shopping for things we could have for dinner on the deck outside our room on our final night there.  This stand is selling honey.

Here’s where we ate on the deck Friday evening.  The view across the Saint Lawrence River is Levis (pronounced lee-vee, if I remember correctly) and you can see the smoke stack of a cruise ship that was moored on our side of the river just below the our building.

This is a picture of the steep hill we climbed to get from the smaller area of the lower town by the river to the larger old town on the bluff.

An added attraction, which we knew nothing about, was that Friday afternoon was the Grande Prix de Quebec, a bike race involving the best professional riders in the world.  Here is the same street with the lead riders climbing.

Here are more pictures of the race.


Well, that’s it for this morning.