Monday With the Grandkids

February 24, 2020, Davis, CA

A nice day.  We got a call Sunday night from a friend who asked if we would watch her son for about three hours Monday afternoon.  We agreed and canceled any plans of leaving the house today since we don’t have a car seat for the extra kid.  It was OK.  They raced around for three hours, inside the house and outside, and got along well.  At one point they found the lego car and wanted to put it together.  I asked if they were willing to keep at it until it was done and they assured me they were.

Here’s the car,

So we got started.  A short time later 180 pieces and we’re making headway,

Still later we were going OK but they wanted to play hide and go seek.  Here’s about where we ended up,

That was pretty much it for the car for today except one granddaughter played with the unfinished car for about an hour which I thought was great.

Throughout the afternoon we were assembling dinner.  For the adults that is,

And that’s the way it was.  Oh, I almost forgot, Nana had to stay up late because one kid thought she was going to get sick just before bed.  She didn’t.