Maui Plantation

February 13, Paia, Maui County, HI

Windy on the bike ride into Paia.  Strong headwinds on the ride into town and up the hill toward Makawao.  The ride up the hill passes the old Paia train station,

and some rare Hawaiian graffito,

and more inspirational messaging,

It started raining while I was in town.  It rained all the ride home.  I was wet but still warm and I had the wind at my back.

Lynn was back from her walk so I got cleaned up, we had lunch, and drove to something we had passed by on the way home from Napili.  It is on Hwy 30 which turns to High Street as you get into Wailuku,

This turned out to be an interesting combination of shops, restaurants, coffee, ice cream, produce stand, farming, and sugar mill relic machinery.

Like this,

and this,

exciting, don’t miss the big windmill, not a Chicago Aermotor that we had on the ranch when I was a wee squeaker,

Tourists weren’t the only ones looking for something to eat,

We took a walk up the hill into the farm.  It was bananas, let me tell you,

We went home for beach time.  It was almost too windy.  Well it was too windy for Lynn but I went and survived.  Some folks wait for windy days like this, hard to see but there are three kite surfers about 500 yards off shore,

And that was our day.