Mahogany Table

Guerneville, CA, August 17, 2020

Today is Drake’s birthday.  We are going to get lunch at Fishetarian in Bodega Bay and go to Duncan’s Landing for a picnic.  Should be fun.  He raves about the clam chowder so we’ll see.

We had a table repaired and refinished for him.  He fell on it and broke one leg off:

This what it looks like after refinishing and covering with a beveled glass top:

This table was purchased by my parents when they bought furniture for the house on the ranch.  It must be close to seventy years old.  The refinisher did a great job of repairing the broken leg and, generally, making the table look like new.

And, by the way, the food from Fishetarian was so-so.  But here’s the good part, the birthday cake:

And the view looking north from our picnic table: