Leftover Rice

Davis, CA

March 8, 2022

After taking care of many back and forth emails regarding setting up future hospice committee meetings I finally got started this morning. A beautiful morning, hardly any wind, and bright and sunny.  Too bad it’s been another dry winter.  We will learn to conserve water this summer.  So, once in town, I decided to stop by the Village Bakery.  They had their tables out so I stopped for coffee, first time this year.  Here’s our local train station.  As I was taking this picture I heard the station master announce, “California Zephyr now boarding for Reno, Denver”, and some points east I couldn’t make out.  Exciting or what/

Here’s the view from my table looking north at the Tres Hermanas restaurant.

I got home then got back on my bike and brought a package to Postmark’s that had to be mailed.

My ride into town this morning was to get a few items necessary to make fried rice out of leftover rice from a dish Lynn made last week.  I left out of this picture the eggs and ground turkey that will be added.  I have to learn to think these photo essays through.  So, I got started on the fried rice about 3 in the afternoon after I finished some accounting work that needed to be done and de-webbing the front of the house.  Since we painted the house white I’ve gone OCD on this.

Here’s dinner.  For me anyway.  Lynn might avoid this because it has rice in it.  But not too much, relative to all the other ingredients.

Time to clean the kitchen.

Oyster sauce and soy sauce, our seasonings.

What a great day.