Last Day, We Leave Tomorrow

Paia, Maui

September 27, 2022

The sunrise on the morning of our last day taken from the lanai.  The day is forecast to be less windy.  That will be nice.

My last bike ride around the airport I had to take yet another picture of the Kahului VOR.  It stands for VHF omni range.  It sends out a VHF signal in a 360 degree circle for aircraft navigation.  The plane can pick up a radial signal from this VOR and others so you can either follow the radial to the airport or triangulate your location.  With GPS I’m not sure if these are still used.

Finally I see birds.  I think what we have here are a male and female house finch and, over to the right, a red crested cardinal.

One left the scene.

I hope these show up well, he stayed around for a long time.

And Lynn got a Northern Cardinal.

Sugar Cove beach is where all the activity on the water that we see from the lanai starts.

From the lanai looking toward Kahului.

The path to Sugar Cove Beach.

Packed up and ready to fly,

One last look at Baby Beach.

It’s been great.  Aloha