First Bike Ride

February 12, 2022

Paia, Maui

Nice start to the day.  I learned how to use the coffee maker without making too much of a mess.  After we got rolling Lynn left for her morning walk and I put the Bike Friday together.  It’s been in its box for two years so it has been a while for me doing an assembly.  It took a little time to get everything lined up and true and in a straight line.  So once the air was in the tires this is what we have:

So now it’s time for a shakedown ride.  Everything checked out OK so I rode the Hana Highway into Paia to visit Mana Foods and Maui Cyclery.  I had to get a few supplies at Mana and CO2 cartridges at the bike shop.  Here we are at the bike shop:

Then back home and to Tamura’s for poke.  And then to the beach.

An unsettling experience last night.  Someone with a flashlight came up onto the stairs and onto lanai at about 10pm.  I was asleep but Lynn was up.  She said they shined the light at the door and said something.  She woke me up and I shut off all the lights and the television and went outside and stood quietly and waited for about thirty minutes but saw or heard nothing.

Lynn is still asleep this morning as it’s 6:17am here now.  When she gets up it would not surprise me if she wants to leave.  I might if I were her.  We’ll see.  I don’t want that to happen again.

On a happier note, I am looking forward to biking into Kahului later for my Sunday papers.

Aloha for now.