Exercise the Ponies

Davis, CA

March 9, 2022

More OCD this morning. In the process of building a studio above the garage a lot work had to be done to support the weight of the studio. This was done totally in the garage. It was emptied and parts of the concrete floor cut out so extra footings could be poured. It created an opportunity to clean up the garage and get rid of a lot of stuff we no longer needed. With all the saw marks and new concrete we decided to epoxy the floor to cover all that up. The end result is, as you can see, a spare look and finished as though it were a room. Something that needs to be kept clean. No spider webs then. And the floor needs to be mopped. Which I did this morning. OCD.

This morning I was also waiting for a delivery of a new refrigerator for the studio. The original, delivered last June, was delivered defective and they were unable to fix it hence the replacement. Once that was done I rode across town to the UC Clinic to pick up a prescription. Here’s the entry to the clinic.

Then to return some library books and pick up some more.

Then to the Co-op for supplies for vegetable mashed potatoes. This is sort of like the story of the pot of stew that never gets finished. They just keep adding to it. In my version I get something to add to leftovers to create something new. It never ends. I don’t mind so much but I think Lynn tires of it sometimes. Especially if there are potatoes. Or rice.

After I got home and created my mashed potato gumbo I took the car out to keep the battery charged. It was such a beautiful day I put the top down. I stopped here to walk back along the road where there were many blackbirds singing in the trees.

Here we go again, trying to get good bird pictures. Just like in Hawaii. Hard to get close enough to get good distinct photos. And the pictures you do get don’t always convey the beauty of the scene as you see it in person. I thought I was getting a redwing blackbird here.

And here.

I know there are three in this picture. I’ll get better at this I hope.

Time to head home, running down those thin white lines putting the hammer down.

Back at the house. Time for dinner.

What a beautiful day.