Lazy Day Reading

February 15, 2022

Paia, Maui

I brought two books with me and I am enjoying both.  All I did today was read.  Nice to have that option.  Lynn has art classes this week at 10 each morning.  They are an hour long.  After her class we went to went into Kahului to get supplies for dinner.  A surprise was waiting for us at the car.

We can’t park in the driveway of our rental because of the gate on Kealakai Place.  The gate is there to keep cars off the restoration project on the beach.  So we have to park out on Kealakai.  For three nights no problem.  Last night we were ticketed.  Oh well, the Thorsens say they will get it dismissed.

After returning from Kahului Lynn went for a walk and I did some prep work for dinner and then headed to the beach.  There were other animals lying in the sun.  Like this big boy:

It was almost too windy on the beach but not quite.  I’m in Hawaii darn it and I am getting all the beach time I can.  After we left the beach it started to rain a bit:

More rain toward Kahului:

Then an amazing sunset with two different cloud types:

Full moon last night:

And finally, before bed, we discourage people from coming onto the lanai:

Great day.