Chowder for the Weekend

Davis, CA

March 4, 2022

We’re headed to Guerneville tomorrow.  Drake is there and his friend since kindergarten George is there with his girlfriend, Stephania.  Stephania is from Germany.  We are anxious to meet her.  All we have done, it seems, is plan for meals.  Lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast Sunday.  We have to return Sunday.  We are preparing red and white chowders for Saturday lunch and plan roast chicken and pasta carbonara for dinner.  Sunday morning will be eggs Kejriwal.  So a trip to the Co-op is in order to get supplies.

In the kitchen ready to begin.

The food processor does the chopping of the carrots and celery.  When I was little we would get vegetable soup from my mother with big chunks of vegetables.  I started, years ago, making anything that had carrots or celery with the vegetables chopped into small bite sized pieces.  Lynn likes hers almost pureed.  So guess which way we do it now?  The food processor makes it much easier and quicker and it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.

White chowder, potatoes for the white, and red chowder.

Great day.