Checking out Wailea

February 10, 2020, Paia, Maui County, HI

Supposed to rain today so we’re both tentatively heading out for some morning exercise.  But before we go we had to stop to watch the sky.  Given the right conditions with rain you get rainbows, especially in Hawaii.  Doesn’t look like rain out here,

But, looking towards Kahului it’s a different story,

Okay, so we’d better get moving.  Things change fast.  Lynn  started her walk which takes her first past the Hawaiian home of a well known country musician.  She noted the unmistakable odor of pakalolo as she passed by.  No surprise.  I decided to bike into Kahului, a first for me.  I am spoiled by Davis.  There are lots of cyclists and lots of accommodations for bikes.  Not so in Kahului although all the cars I encountered were polite and I make every attempt to stay out of the way.  I made it into Safeway to pick up a copy of the Maui News.  I have about four miles to get home and here’s the view from the store looking toward home,

Not so promising.  Had a wet ride home, but not too cold.  By the time I get home it’s raining heavily.  We decide to drive to Wailea to check out the condos at Wailea Villas and the Shops at Wailea.  This was the only picture I could get at the Shops, raining too hard,

Some high end places here.  They even put booties on the tires of the work equipment.  I guess so they won’t leave rubber marks on the floor,

I will say we were floored by the rates the condos get per night.  We came, we saw, we left.  The drive home, about 20 miles was through some heavy downpours.  Like thunderstorms in the Sierras.  We made the trip OK and had a glass of wine before going into Paia for dinner.  Before we left here’s a view of the sun going below the clouds in the Iao Valley behind Wailuku,

That’s what happened today