Bodega Bay

April 2, 2022

Bodega Bay, CA

Went to Bodega Bay this morning to look at birds and boats. I parked myself on a picnic bench above Campbell Cove and looking out at the entrance to Bodega harbor.

I saw Heermans and Western (?) gulls, Pelagic Cormorant, Buffleheads, Harbor Seals, Lincoln’s Sparrow, Snowy Egret. I heard Spotted Towhee but did not see them.  It was a delightful morning.

Also, the boats, coming and going.

Nothing commercial, just people going fishing or sailing.

Some went fast, some went slow.

I missed a large sailboat with quite a few people on it that went out the mouth of the harbor and turned left towards Doran Beach and parked itself.  Party on the water?

I moved over to the regional park just south of the town of Bodega Bay and walked on the trail there with several stops to sit on the benches and watch. Saw a Canada Goose here.

What a great day and I need a spotting scope.