Board Meeting, Birds, Beach

Paia, Maui

February 24, 2022

I had a zoom Board meeting to attend this morning a 8 local time.  The sun is so bright at the table in the bungalow I moved my computer to the lanai which is more shaded.  However, the sound of the surf and the jets departing the airport made it a bit challenging.  I should say loud.  Oh well, it only lasted 90 minutes.

Lynn had classes this morning so after the meeting I took my bike out to look for birds.  The problem was it was so darn windy.  I saw the usual mynas and doves and the plover that’s always in the same area but not much else.  So I looked for anything moving in the wind.  I found this moth:

Don’t see it do you?  Neither do I.  It looks like an aerial photo of the Mato Grosso forest.  Do we see the moth here:

and here too:

Maybe not here.  I must have been a sight, chasing the moth with my camera:

The wind blew this nest out of a tree.  Wish I knew who built it:

Lynn took some pictures on her walk on the pedestrian bike path that skirts the airport.  I think she cut it short because of the wind.  The wind, for the last few days, has been blowing at 20-30 miles an hour.  And the temps are in the low 80s.  Here’s a departing plane crossing the path she’s on:

It’s been so windy that not too many people are at Baby Beach.  When the wind is at 20 mph+ it blows the sand.  Lynn calls it micro-dermabrasion.  The tide is really low in this picture but it shows the reef that creates the protected area aka Baby Beach.  Good for bringing babies:

Not too many people in the water:

Another great day.