Bike to Paia

February 9, 2020, Paia, Maui County, HI

On our first full day we each set out early to get in our preferred form of exercise.  Lynn took a long, usually about five miles, walk and I rode my bike into town, Paia, to visit Mana Foods to pick up a few things we still needed.  The morning view from the deck went like this,

Another nice, sunny morning although wind and rain are predicted for this afternoon.  A quarter turn to the right and the view out to sea shows a freighter heading toward Kahului harbor.  The ship is a little hard to see,

So, time to hit the road.  The good people who are charged with the responsibility of infrastructure here on the island have built a paved bike path, separate from the highway, from the golf course near us into Paia.  Much nicer than riding on the shoulder of the Hana Highway, although the highway has nice wide shoulders it’s always nice to be separated from traffic if possible.  So I breezed into town.  Here’s Baldwin street looking toward the ocean from Mana Foods,

Exciting huh?  I went to the bike shop and picked up a couple things I needed, toured around town a bit then headed home.  Along the way I stopped at Baldwin Beach to check it out,

The sign says “dangerous shorebreak” or something to that effect.  On our first trip here we came to the beach pictured below and I ran out into the surf.  On my way out of the water the dangerous shorebreak picked me up and drilled me head first into the gravel.  Lucky I didn’t break my neck.  Here’s the view from the beach looking towards Baby Beach, where our apartment is located,

Here’s the view from the bike leaving Baldwin Beach,

This afternoon we plan to drive over to Wailea to check out condos to bring the whole family to stay at next year.  More about that later.

That’s what happened today.