Bike Ride to Haiku

Paia, Maui

February 7, 2023

I have, up to today, only made a short ride into Paia to get some help assembling the Bike Friday.  The rear derailleur was not catching every cog in the rear cassette and I had almost no front brakes.  So, to the shop.  I had to leave it at the shop and when I picked it up they told me I had reattached the rear d improperly so I learned something.  I didn’t ask about the brakes.  Anyway, I brought the bike home and it sat.  Until today.

I left for Haiku this morning at 9 and riding in realized I had forgotten to get CO2 cartridges to use as tire inflators in case of a flat.  I got to the bike shop at 9:30 and they don’t open until 10.  Better to wait than take a chance.  So I waited until they opened:

It started raining while I waited.  The sky toward Haiku looked gray.  But it’s Hawaii.  It rains then it stops and it’s 79 degrees.  No problem.  And you have these:

And these:

And these:

So I rode into the gray and got wet.  What made it difficult was the rain on my glasses and the intermittent sunshine.  Ye gods, the glare between my fogged up glasses and the shiny wet roadway.  But, I made it, slow but steady.

I spoke with the people at the agency we went through to rent Sugar Cove, whose office is in Haiku, and they said they would forgive the $100 charge for the lost key.  Worth the trip.

She also told me that unit 6 at Sugar Cove was for sale for $17 million.  CAM fees are $8100 per month for unit 6 and property taxes are a bit north of $69 thousand per year.  And, it cannot be rented out to help cover those costs.  Yikes, we’ll continue to rent 4B.  She also told me that Baby Beach Hale is no longer available for short term rental.  The owners have installed a long term resident.  Lynn and I have stayed there for the last nine years.

I learned a lot today.  What a great day.