Big Swells and Big Wind

Paia, Maui

February 25, 2022

These probably won’t be ripe before we leave.  We’ll have to get our bananas at the Safeway hunting and gathering grounds.

A picture of a painting of a seascape.  She must have her hat tied on.  It was blowing a storm.

The famous Honolulu meteorologist Guy Hagi said on his morning forecast that there would be life threatening surf, up to 40 foot waves in North Shore locations so naturally we heading to the Hookipa lookout to check it out.

We met a guy watching the sailboarders.  In fact, we were at the exit ready to leave and we stopped for one more look at some really big waves and he told us to park, “the cops won’t give you a ticket”.  So we did and it turns out not only was he a long time board guy but he is friends with the contractor that remodeled out house in Davis.  An interesting fellow and full of surf knowledge.  He showed us where to look to see the riptide, predicted all the sailboarder’s moves and pointed out that the top of the sail is 14 feet so we could gauge the wave height, about 30 feet were the big ones.

He also pointed out that there were two monk seals on the beach.

MFD was out training in the wind.

Another shot of Kahului in the morning from our lanai.

More visitors on their way in.

What a great day.