Back on the Bike

March 16, 2022

Davis, CA

I am riding my bike today.  Testing my knee.  I had to promise my in-house doctor that I would go slow and stop if there was discomfort.  I am happy to say all went well.  So as the picture shows, the road beckons.

Made it into town with stops for coffee, the hardware store, the co-op, and the library.  Made the turn around to head home.  Here is the bike path that connects Fifth and Second streets.  The north wind was a little stronger than was predicted.  If I ever get an electric bike it will be because of the north wind.

Off to the left is a Davis hill, an overpass.  This is the Pelz over crossing, bikes and pedestrians only.  I need to use it to get to the south side of I80, or the eighty if you’re from Southern California.

Made it home.

What a great day, my knee feels fine.