Back in Davis

February 22 and 23, Davis, CA

Back home, getting over the two hour time difference but glad to be here.  Took early morning bike ride into town and picked up supplies for dinner.  Son and daughter-in-law dropping off the granddaughters so they can get away for a week in Hawaii at Baby Beach.

Dinner was this baked pasta with ricotta along with an artichoke salad,

But before starting dinner, time to unpack the bike,

Kids got left with us and they’re spending their first day here exploring for any new toys, remember the excitement?  They found some too,

And one is fascinated by the Rubik’s Cube, well, I don’t blame her, I am too.  I scramble it a little bit and she tries her best to solve it with more success than failure,

She also likes the Art Angle toy, yikes, so do I,

She found she could combine the Art Angle toy with the Rubik’s Cube,

Fun.  We’re off to the park.  And that’s the way it’s going today.