Day One, we arrive Kahului

February 8, 2020, Kahului, Maui County, HI

We left Sacramento at 7 AM.  I woke up at 3 AM.  Ye Gods, this is just like work.  Everything in order and the cab picked us up at 5:30.  Plane ride over a tad bumpy.  In fact at one point Lynn looked at me with a ‘this is concerning’ expression on her face.  I tried to reassure her with a line I read by a commercial pilot who said, “I would worry about turbulence if the seatbelt was starting to leave bruises, but otherwise no.”

We landed and picked up our rental, a white Ford Fiesta.  Perfect, nice and small.  Temperature cool with lots of cloud cover and rain showers.  This was our first stop,

We had all our luggage in the car so I stayed with it in the parking lot. “All I need are some slaps (flip flops)”, says Lynn so we thought it best to leave me in the car.  45 minutes later she’s back with a full shopping cart.  Essentials she said, get over it.

We then went to Baby Beach to drop off our things and then make a trip back into town for groceries i.e. staples and lots of poke.

We returned to Baby Beach about 3 PM.  Here’s the view down from the lanai (porch).

And raising the camera a bit, here’s the view towards Kahului,

It’s cool and overcast so I decided to assemble my bike in the garage below our hale (home).  The garage and the bike,

After that we had drinks and dinner (poke).

That’s the way it was on our first day.