Another Day for Knee to Heal and Trip to the Oral Surgeon and It Rained This Morning

Davis, CA

March 15, 2022

It started raining about two this morning. What a great sound when the area is in a drought.  It rained steadily until about seven.  I checked the rain gauge I have in our side yard and we got 2/8 of an inch.  Not bad.  It won’t end the drought but we’ll take it.  My weather monitor at my desk said .18 inches so they were close.  Here’s the rain gauge.

I didn’t do much today.  Staying off the knee but hope to ride tomorrow.  Only scheduled event today was a trip to the oral surgeon for an inspection prior to getting another implant.  I should have taken better care of my teeth earlier, maybe, or maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference at all.  Oh well, I will avail myself of the miracles of modern medicine.

Waiting, waiting.

Still another great day.  New tooth.