All Day Retreat for CHN

Davis, CA

March 2, 2022

I was inside all day today.  First a committee meeting at 9 then a California Hospice Network retreat from 10 to 3.  I did ride to the top of the Pole Line Road overpass after the retreat ended to see how near to completion the “get you over the railroad tracks if you’re a cyclist or pedestrian” project is going.  It appears work is still in progress.  You can see the new bike/pedestrian path below.  From left to right it’s: the new bike/pedestrian off ramp from the Polo Line Road overpass, the new bike/pedestrian path that parallels I80, the railroad tracks, and cars on Second Street.

Looking down the new bike/pedestrian off ramp.  You can’t see it too well in the picture but the ramp has undulations.  There must be a reason.  On the other hand maybe the plans weren’t completely unrolled and flattened out and the contractors built wavy because the paper the plans were on was wavy?  Stranger things have happened.

The new Olive Drive off ramp off I80.

Home and parked in the garage.

I felt like I contributed something today.  What a great day.