A Really Lazy Day

February 15, 2020, Paia, Maui County, HI

We had to get rolling early this morning because we were tasked with making a trip, OK we volunteered to make the trip, to the Saturday morning Pukulani Farmer’s Market.  Our hostess at Baby Beach had a knee replaced just before we arrived so her mobility is limited and she asked us to go for her.  She’s normally there at 7 AM.  That’s a good idea.  We got there a 8:30 and parking was way out and the place was way crowded.  But the flowers were, everything was, lovely,

More flowers, or are these the same ones?

This Farmer’s Market is big, seems bigger every year, and we go on our own when we’re here every trip.  There’s a turmeric guy that Lynn likes.  She gets, at least, a quart of his concoction for arthritic joints.  It tastes good.  Just like the Davis Farmer’s Market, there’s a bit of everything: produce, flowers, meat and fish, baked goods, crafts and jewelry, and hot and cold take out.

As I said, it’s very well attended,

Our hostess had pre-ordered from her usual, favorite, vendors and she gave us cash to pay them so we got our stuff and picked up hers and headed home.

Then we headed to the re-cycle spot to get rid of our collection of cans and bottles.  On the way there we pass Hookipa Beach, a favorite surfing and wind surfing spot.  Here’s today’s lineup,

These are what one of the local weather forecasters calls beginner surf, 2 to 3 feet.  Looks pretty gnarly to me.  They’re fun to watch the waves and the surfers.  Some look like very accomplished riders, they don’t fall they just ride the wave until it peters out and then drop down and paddle out again,

Waiting for the next set,

After that it was make dinner for later then off to the beach, too windy for Lynn, she took a walk, but tolerable for me.  I’m in Hawaii dammit and I’m going to the beach.

That was the day.