Trying to get the right look

Posted October 1, 2019, Davis, CA

Not too much to see today, spent most of the day at my desk.  It was supposed to be in the mid seventies today which I thought would be nice, and comfortable outside, but there’s a cold north wind so it’s not warm at all.  Made the usual ride into town for coffee and the paper and stopped here at the Davis Co-op.

Drove up to Foy’s Bike Shop in Woodland yesterday and sold this bike to the owner of the shop.

It’s an Italian made bike from the 70s by a company, as you can see on the decal, Ciocc.  It’s pronounced “cho ch” with the ch like in check.  It means poker faced and their insignia is four aces in a cross pattern.  A nice riding bike but I have too many nice rides.