Kale and Beans, Exciting or What?

Kale and Beans, Exciting or What?

September 27, 2021

Davis, CA

We (I) finished off a pot of butternut squash soup so I felt it was my responsibility to make the next something.  I will try to climb the stairs to where my wife stands on the culinary pedestal.  This is what it looks like from where I stand.  But, I have to start somewhere.

Having coffee before heading to the Co-op for ingredients.

I came home with kale, determined to use whatever was in the refrigerator.  Except for the bowl of pinto beans that have been soaking overnight.

About 90 minutes later this is what you get.  We’ll see how well it’s received.

Had to sit in the backyard to rest and see if any birds are active.

My sister, who lives in Portland, texted did I know of Dee Andros who coached the OSU Beavers in the 60’s.  It made me dig out this newspaper clipping from the U of O OSU game from 1966.  I played against his team. That’s me, #59, in the white jersey.  We lost.

That’s what’s new today.

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Barrel Racing at Duncans Mills

Barrel Racing at Duncan’s Mills

August 8, 2021

We were driving through Duncan’s Mill and say lots of horse trailers and cars parked at the rodeo grounds so we decided to stop to see what was going on.  They were barrel racing.

It was fun to watch.  We got there near the end so we only saw about six riders.

There was one male contestant and the rest were women.

Fast horses and experienced riders.

Some local advertising.

The announcer’s booth.

Unexpected and fun.


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