Public Art in Davis

Public Art in Davis, Day 1

June 15, 2021

There is a tremendous amount of public art in Davis.  It’s a small town but has lots of creative people and a city council that encourages (funds) such endeavors.  I will try to get some of it into the blog.  Like this:

This is at the train station.  It’s some kind of ferro-cement over bales of, probably, straw.  Big construction idea in the 80s.


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Etna Bike Trip

Biking in Scott Valley

June 14, 2021

May 28 through May 30 I joined a group of cyclists for a tour of Scott Valley in northwestern California.  It was great weather and a great time.  Here is a photo of Mt. Shasta from day two of the tour.

Crossing the Scott River on the morning of day two:

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